by alexisbay

“You need to relax your shoulders,” I said. Immediately, I could see that she resented it. It was as if I could read her mind and how her mind ticked. But whatever it was, she still saw me once every week.

Once in a blue moon, I think that I should just shut up, keep my opinions to myself. Nobody needed to hear what I thought. Of course, I could not help it. I loved dishing out advice which was why I was in this job.

She needed to hear it. But she was too easily offended.


I hated it whenever she told me to relax my shoulders. Wtf. It was precisely because I was nervous, anxious, worried, tensed and whatever, that I came here. I just needed one hour of peace and quiet. Someone to massage my aching joints.

She did not know it- that she was just a proud and opinionated bitch who thought that just because she was very good at her job she could say anything she’d wanted.

Damn it, I just needed a good massage and some quiet time. I should stop swearing, it was making me tensed.