by alexisbay

She buried her face in her hands.

It’s Friday and it’s been a long week.  It wasn’t physically tiring, just mentally exhausting being Sally, taking the endless calls and live chats.

Jacqueline was her real name. She has been Sally for almost two  years now. Sally is the customer service representative at the driving school.

Yes, Jacqueline was a mouthful but that wasn’t why the driving school used Sally. All her colleagues were either Sally if they were female or Dan if they were male.

Jacqueline (or Jac as her friends call her) cannot remember a day when she didn’t feel tired. She slept eight hours a day. Still, it’s her life and her endless thinking that were tiring her out.

She’s not unhappy, she was just bored- just like almost all the lifeless faces she faced on the train rides daily. It didn’t comfort her that she was not alone. Occasionally she saw children talking animatedly and that offered her a glimmer of comfort. A glimmer only to be squashed upon realising that they would grow up to be like the sad adults they commuted with.

What was Jac thinking about, one might ask. Everything and nothing. Everything about why her life had turned out that way. What could she have done and what could she do now. And nothing because nothing worked. Trying did not work.

She thought that she needed to take a break from this. Just stop thinking. Where could she go? She couldn’t go home. Ah! the movie theatre, she had wanted to catch the new comedy for the whole week. There, with a cup of Coke and salted pop-corn, she would surely find some respite.