A coffee cup at the window

by alexisbay

She sat there, cupping a hot cup of coffee, lost in her thoughts.

It was a chilly evening and Emma was still nursing a cold but she stubbornly went ahead to sit at the balcony. In some bizarre way, she liked shivering in the cold with a hot cup of coffee in her hands.

Emma didn’t know when she discovered comfort from that. But she did and now it’s a ritual she indulged in after a day’s work. And if you were to interrupt her thoughts now and asked what  she was thinking, she wouldn’t quite be able to tell you.

She knew that this cannot go on and yet she was allowing it. Putting off any resolution and letting mindless distractions get in between.

She had been thinking about breaking off her engagement. She’d never loved him and just went along because. She’s not even sure of the reasons now.

But what if she broke it off and lose the chance to marry forever?

Moreover, there was nothing wrong with AJ. He was a good man with a more than respectable job.Was that enough to marry a person?

Emma knew the answer, not just the answer, but all of the rest to the questions swimming in her head. She knew but she continued to sit there cupping her coffee, secure with the whiffs of caffeine ascending her nostrils. She wanted to enjoy her coffee. The answers and the actions could wait.