No turning back

by alexisbay

She spun around and walked as briskly as she could, careful that she did not break into a run and get all flustered and sweaty and in turn, draw unnecessary attention.

The temptation to turn around and look back was so great. Just like how you would go through your photo album and reminisce those moments. The heated moments alternated with calm moments as Gail stabbed him over and over again. The heated moments were when she replayed all the hateful and hurtful things he said and did to her. The calm moments were when she knew exactly what to do annihilate this awful person, creature from her life, from her consciousness-without getting caught.

That’s Gail for you. She was a meticulous planner. She recorded his daily schedule to the point that she knew what he was doing at home at a certain time. Of course, he would let her into his home. And of course, he ridiculed her harshly when she came out of the bathroom dressed from head to toe in plastic bags. She was a good-for-nothing to him.

The killing commenced shortly afterwards as the blood spluttered all over the plastic she was wearing. Gail made sure the stabbing not only took his life but took away all her sadness and pain.

Then it was all over and she packed up.

As she walked away from the bloody scene, she told herself over and over again not to look back. Just look ahead. There was no turning back.

Indeed there wasn’t. Gail felt sick. Sick with regret and disgust. This was no way to live. The road ahead was paved with even more pain and hate than before. If only there was a turning back.