Mothers and daughters

“Why are you doing this?!” Grace shouted at her daughter. “What’s the point of practicing tennis everyday? You could have used the time to work on your Chemistry test”. Grace heaved a loud sigh.

Her daughter dropped her eyes and said quietly, “Okay, mom.”

“Don’t just say okay. You had better quit the school team. It’s taking too much of your time away from your studies. It’s not as if you are good enough to be a professional”.

The look of hurt flashed ever so briefly across her daughter’s eyes. “Mom, how can you say that? I love tennis and I don’t just play so that I can be a professional. I love being on the school team. We agreed that if I took up Chemistry and Math tuition classes, I could continue with tennis”.

“Don’t talk back to me! I find that there’s no point in you playing in the school team. Better to study and get better grades and it’s not as if your grades are near the top at all”.

“No, I won’t quit tennis. Just because your mom told you that there is no point in pursuing an art career, you ditched art and majored in accountancy. I’ll never be like you!”