by alexisbay

Ahhh, the time for new year’s resolutions.

She twirled her pen, musing at the futility of it all. She flipped through the pages in her journal and stopped at 1 January 2016, then did the same until she reached 1 January 2015. She couldn’t help letting out a wry laugh. Haha, she did not keep one single resolution.

Maybe she was not doing it right? You know what they said about resolution and goals- they have to be measurable and specific. What about 1 January 2016: 1) Lose five kilograms and 1 January 2015: 2) Call mom once a month? Measurable and specific enough?

Well, I guess you cannot say the same for 1 January 2015: 7) Find a better job or 1 January 2015 and 1 January 2015: 3)Stop procrastinating.

Sarah was a chronic procrastinator.  The only thing she did not procrastinate was fearing. Fearing that something or other would go wrong. She spent hours, days and eventually years planning but never executing. “It’s got to be perfect.” She always said. She had many lovely plans but none have been put into action. She guarded her plans with the kind of fear and dread that hermit have for venturing outdoors.

If the plan was not perfect, the execution would not be perfect and then her dream will be ruined forever. She would know for sure that this path was now closed to her. This was the kind of person Sarah was.

And she liked it this way.