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by alexisbay

“What should I have for lunch?” SL wondered as she pounded her feet on the treadmill. Her friends have already decided to eat at McDonald’s.

“How about a Big Mac meal with upsized French fries and coke? Should she have chicken nuggets to go along? Or would a hot fudge sundae be a better way to end the meal?”

Suddenly, any impending gloom had vapourised along with some of her perspiration. She tried not to think about the people who will turn up for lunch today. It was usually five of them, including SL.

But as soon as she decided that she would have both the nuggets and hot fudge sundae with her Big Mac meal, she started wondering if Ben would be there and how she should behave.

She hoped really hard that he would not offer to queue and buy the meal for her. She was so embarrassed the last time. Everyone in Group V knows that Ben likes SL. So did she.

“What should I do? Offer to pay for his meal? Would that lead him on? Please, I hope he won’t ask me out. Should I just have McDonalds at another outlet and meet them at Minds?” SL breathed out louder than usual through her mouth. This was more exhausting than running.