Obviously hidden (page 11)

by alexisbay

“So you said that you were going for pedicure? That’s painting the toe nails right?” Greg asked, not sure if he should have broken the tranquil silence between them.

“Yeah, it is!” LL laughed. “Maybe you should go for a pedicure with Alison. You know they have these couple packages. So, have you settled into your new place? You know I can bring Alison around if she needs to do any shopping or yeah, maybe a pedicure session”.

“We’ve set up the house and everything and I’ve been working and she’s been working. So well, things are kinda back to normal, things have settled, I guess. But you know, I think this place is new for her and maybe the unfamiliarity is getting to her. I don’t know. She…,” Greg paused not sure how much about his relationship he should share with LL. Of course, he wanted to tell her everything. But would it be too obvious? “I mean, she’s busy with work. Well, everything is okay. We’re going out for dinner tonight at this place a few blocks from her clinic. Tapas Tei. They serve Japanese and Spanish fusion food. Keith recommended it, he said it was good.

“Yeah, I’ve heard rave reviews about it. Mikey and I have also wanted to try but he’s busy, travelling so often. Hmmm, maybe I should just bring the kids, they would enjoy it too”. LL wanted to comment on how Alison was feeling after relocating. After all, she has counselled many students who were adjusting to a new place. But she has already forgotten the first part of what Greg said.

As LL turned her head to dust off a fallen leaf on her right shoulder, Greg looked closely at her and averted his gaze the moment she turned back. “Do you want to join us at Tapas Tei?”

“Oh of course not! Please enjoy your date night! I really appreciate your offer. I was just saying that we’re meaning to try it, as if I was thinking out loud. Greg, you’re always so nice and considerate to EVERYONE”.