Obviously hidden (page 10)

by alexisbay

“How do find the coffee? Pretty smooth and crisp tasting, right? I’ve always wanted to ask what beans and machine they used but yeah, never got down to it,” LL said after she took a sip of the coffee and a bite of the donut. “Mmmm, the donut goes really well with the coffee. The coffee brings out the burnt taste in the caramel, well, in a nice way”.

“You should be a food critic,” Greg teased. He liked the way that she enjoyed her food. What would life have been like if he never left Verbena.

They just sat on the ledge, drinking their coffee and watching a few people form a short queue at the food truck. A comfortable, almost comforting silence settled between them amidst the shady spot in the afternoon sun.

LL was really enjoying this moment, sipping hot coffee in the cool shade and munching her salted caramel donut. It’s been a long time and she had forgotten about this sensation. When was the last time, she wasn’t busy running around or thinking and planning furiously?