Obviously hidden (page 9)

by alexisbay

“So no classes this afternoon?” LL hazarded a guess. “What would you like? Long black as usual?” There were three people before her at the food truck.

Greg was surprised and delighted that she remembered how he liked his coffee which was the same as how she liked hers. “Mmmm, sure,” he replied, trying to be nonchalant, as his eyes betrayed his true emotions. Sometimes over the years he would think about what to say to her when they meet. The funny thing is, now that they have finally met, first at the supermarket and then here, none of those rehearsed conversations mattered. They just talked so easily, erasing the twenty years between them.

“Two cups of long black, please. Large please. Oh, and a salted caramel donut. Thank you,” She turned to smile at Greg as she ordered the donut. “The coffee is on me. Welcome back to X. Everything looks the same, right? They’ve built a new wing to the school of engineering but I think that’s it”. LL paid and handed a cup to Greg. She pointed to a low ledge on the left that was partially shaded by the trees and they walked towards it.

“Yeah, it sure looks the same, man,” Greg agreed. LL looked the same too. And this moment was deja vu. He watched her a little more closely as as she put her cup of coffee down on the ledge. Greg was almost certain that this entire scene has been played out before- sipping a cup of long black with LL in the late summer afternoon.