Obviously hidden (page 8)

by alexisbay

LL closed the door to her office and took her mobile phone out of her bag. No messages or missed calls meant that all was well and she could proceed with her pedicure appointment. Her daughter had her swimming lessons and her son was at his friend’s house so she had the afternoon off.

She’s not sure whether she liked or disliked these relaxing afternoons. She enjoyed being busy, running about, doing things and getting things done. When she stopped moving, her mind would start to wonder. Maybe her mind wouldn’t wonder too much today during the pedicure. She’s too tired this week. Mikey was travelling for work again so that was her excuse for being tired. The fact was that her workload and household chores load were the same as before.

Maybe the pedicure would be a nice distraction for her tiredness. She reached for the glass door handle but someone behind got it before her. LL turned her head to thank that person and said in surprise, “Oh hi, Greg! Oh thanks for getting the door”. What was he doing at this side of campus?

“I just had a couple of donuts from the food truck, my students recommended. It’s pretty good, the salted caramel one especially,” Greg smiled, not sure if it was because he was recalling the donut’s taste or because he saw LL.

“I’ve have about half an hour before my pedicure appointment, do you want to have coffee? The donut food truck serves pretty good coffee too,” LL suggested.

Greg agreed and they walked out of the glass door into the courtyard towards the food truck.