Obviously hidden (page 7)

by alexisbay

Was she unnecessarily blaming their jobs and the long hours? Maybe they didn’t share the same values or life goals in the first place. She wanted to focus and excel in her career as well as to travel the world. He wanted to settle down and have children. Perhaps he even expected her to raise these children that he always wanted but never had. Maybe it wasn’t any of these. Maybe he still wanted to be with LL.

There were many times over the years of their marriage that she felt that they have drifted apart. But she was easily distracted with her work and ambition. They both moved ahead with their careers. It was motivating and exhilarating to be recognised for the expertise in their fields. This meant that they were paid well too and had the means to enjoy all the finer things in life- going on overseas holidays, travelling on business class, staying at fancy hotels and dining at equally fancy restaurants. Now she’s not sure if these material trappings and a successful career satisfied her. Perhaps it was the move that threw everything upside down. She just needed to settle down, get her practice thriving again which she was confident of and to start her teaching at X, something she was terribly excited about. Yes, that was what she needed. She didn’t need to quarrel with Greg and make it uncomfortable for each other.