Obviously hidden (page 6)

by alexisbay

“Here, try one piece,” Alison said sticking a slice of peach into Greg’s mouth. She saw him winced. “It’s not that sour, right? And why do have to work on a Saturday? Since we moved here, you have been working almost every weekend. Is that what I came here to do? Watch you work every weekend? I gave up my successful practice and travelled across the country to be with you. I’m new here and every weekend, you are working”.

Greg sighed a little. “I’m sorry, baby. Can you give me an hour and let me check the figures tabulated by the other researchers? Then we can go for lunch, okay?”

“If I knew this, I would not have moved. I had a thriving practice and now I have to start all over again. And do I get appreciated for my sacrifice? You just sit behind your computer and work all the time”.

Greg cannot remember how many times they had this conversation over the last week. “You know, we talked about the move and we made the decision together. You agreed to it mostly because you could teach at X. Isn’t that your dream too? It’s perfect for you now, baby. You can combine academia with your practice”. Perhaps it was his fault for neglecting her since they moved here. She was right. It was a new place for her. She had only him.

Alison turned around, walked off and out of the room. Lately she has been doing that ever so often. Has she always been so unhappy? What happened to them? They were so good before. Greg had always been there for her, even supporting her through medical school. They lived frugally on his meagre pay check from his part-time work at the downtown book store. They were hungry sometimes and often very cold but they were happy and in love. Perhaps the years have changed her. They have changed them. Long hours of working have driven them into their separate lives.