Obviously hidden (page 5)

by alexisbay

He couldn’t stop thinking about her. What was the big deal? She was just an old flame from a long time ago and they hadn’t really been in touch except on Facebook. Of course he thought about her every now and then over the years but after their meeting at the supermarket, he just could not get her out of his head.

But he had to because he had a research paper to complete before Monday morning. And as he started his MacBook Air, his thoughts of LL shifted into something that felt like melancholy- a little sad, a little longing, something wistful and something wishful. It was quite palpable and he thought maybe he was having some heart problem. He keyed in his password, it was an alphanumeric one consisting of his and Alison’s birthdays. Alison was his wife and he loved her. But now he wished he was with LL, just talking or listening to her or simply looking at her. Maybe it was just a mid-life crisis.

As Greg opened up his research document, he thought that he should tune into Spotify to get himself to concentrate. Any club or chillout playlist would do just fine. Once he started on his paper, everything would be fine. His work was his sanctuary. Thank goodness for that. He was passionate about his research on integrating telematics on land, sea, air and even outer space, particularly in the field of defence and surveillance. It was this study that led him to X and needless to say, he has already received some hefty funding.

“Peaches for you?” Alison came into the study just as he was about to delve into his work. She didn’t understand why he had to work on Saturdays. Maybe she should do that too since they were not going to be spending time together.

“No thank you, baby,” Greg replied. He was quite sure the peaches were sour. Since his concentration was broken, he could feel the little wistful feeling resurrecting. Greg wanted to see LL now. He picked up his phone and whatsapped Keith, reminding him to fix the brunch.