Obviously hidden (page 4)

by alexisbay

“Hey, let’s catch up over brunch really soon. It’s time for me to pick the younger one up from his Chinese class. See you real soon. It was so nice catching up,” LL said and waved cheerily as she turned her back to Greg and Alison. She was relieved to leave the conversation. Obviously, Alison didn’t like her. What did she have to worry about? She had a successful career and was married to a sweet and intelligent guy. In fact, LL was quite struck with Alison’s looks which reminded her of Kate Beckinsale.

Perhaps life is like that, she thought fleetingly. Insecurity and comparisons are just parts of it.  Alison was so accomplished- private practice and lecturing at a prestigious university. Very often she wondered if she could have done more for her career. It was crazy of course. Her life was so meaningful.

She picked up her shopping bag and as she looked up, her eyes met Greg’s. She smiled widely and waved. Greg was still the same sweet guy and it felt so good to see him again. She had always enjoyed being with him. She could always tell him everything- her hopes and fears. There was something about him that made her feel that everything would be alright. Even when she was dating Mikey, she would still confide a lot in Greg. He was also seeing someone else but LL couldn’t remember her name.

LL felt it was quite futile and silly thinking these thoughts. Greg and her had separate lives for twenty years and she had her own life now. So after picking her son up from class, she promised the family a paella lunch. Yummy, she thought and almost laughed out loud for relishing her own cooking.