Obviously hidden (page 2)

by alexisbay

“You should definitely post on Facebook that you’re back here. Let me guess, you got a job at X?” LL said. She was right about Greg’s move back. She was intuitive like that.

“Yeah, I got an offer, a tenure actually,” he said a bit shyly. “So yeah, I’ve met up with the guys, you know, those I used to hang out with, Keith and James and a few others. They were helping Alison and I set up our place so yeah. I mean I was meaning to contact you too, you know,” he wasn’t sure where this was heading and felt a little silly saying that he had contacted the rest but not LL.

“Congrats on your tenure at X! Another feather to your cap, huh? Heard that you have been receiving many awards lately.” She looked so happy. And he thought that the last twenty years must have been good for her. He has heard about her every now and then from Keith, especially who golfed often with her husband.

“Keith is trying to arrange a brunch. He tells me that he plays golf with your husband, Mike right? So-”

“I was looking all over for you,” the Mrs appeared suddenly. “Hi, I’m Alison.” Alison gave LL a subtle once-over. The Mrs thought that LL was pretty plain- straight, brown hair at shoulder length. She was wearing a pair of skinny, faded, blue jeans with a loose-fitting blue and white striped tee, finished with a pair of navy Adidas sneakers.But there was something magnetic about LL, plain but sweet and attractive. No wonder, Greg was having an engaging conversation.

“Hi, I’m Lillian. Everybody calls me LL. Greg’s wife, right? I see you in his profile picture on Facebook. I go to school with Greg at Verbena and then at X. But I was doing psych. Heard you guys just moved here. You let me know if you need anything although Greg is probably familiar but you know some things have changed. There’re like these awesome cafes and tapas bars coming up at downtown. You should totally check them out.”

“So you’re a psychologist?” Alison wasn’t sure if she wanted or needed to match LL’s chirpiness. She was more of a dead-pan, low-voiced kind of person. She is not unhappy, she just wasn’t sure if she was happy or satisfied with her life. “I’m a gynaecologist at the clinic downtown. So I’ve seen those tapas bars. They are pretty packed all the time, who are these patrons anyway? I wished I have the time but there are just too many patients”. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw what looked like embarrassment on Greg’s face.

(To be continued)