Obviously hidden (page 3)

by alexisbay

“I do counselling for students at X and psychotherapy for teenagers at the hospital. But it’s only for the first half of the day when the kids are in school,” LL replied, still smiling. “It’s really great to finally meet you Alison and of course, Greg, it’s been so long. Welcome back! I’m sure I’ll hear from Keith about the brunch. He plays golf with Mikey at least once every fortnightly and his son and mine are classmates.”

“Oh, how many children do you have?” Alison thought LL had a pretty good body for a woman in her forties. She didn’t know that she was giving LL a once-over again. Alison suddenly realised that the loose-fitting tee was actually hiding some great curves and LL’s butt looked super perky even though she was wearing flat sneakers. Well, she worked part-time so she probably had all the time in the world to workout.

“I’ve got a daughter who’s twelve and a superb swimmer, and a son who’s ten. He’s the most gentle soul,” LL replied as her eyes lighted up and danced with pride.

Greg now understood why she was so beautiful and so happy. The longing eased into a palpable aching longing. He loved Alison dearly, she was his wife. But LL was a dream and his youthful past. Seeing her in the flesh amplified so many thoughts and feelings. He loved and wanted children, Alison didn’t want any. She loved her career. There was a time when anything was possible, when LL and him were at Verbena. He often thought back to those days, sometimes more often than others. Seeing her just brought these reminiscing to ‘live’ and technicolor.

He knew what Alison was doing and wished that she would stop. His eyes fell on the peaches in the shopping basket and suddenly he caught himself wondering how it would taste and what to do if they were sour like the last batch. Perhaps he could make some peach flan with it?

(to be continued)