Stranger at the door

by alexisbay

She thought that Mel has left for good. But there he was at her door. Not exactly a stranger of course but certainly a strange feeling. She didn’t recognise him at first but when she did, it was like being hit by a huge wave. It wasn’t that the memories came back to her, she never quite remember events or things very well anyway. It was simply the realisation that Mel, long gone, is now back.

Mel looked straight into her beautiful eyes. Her eyes looked older. No, there were no wrinkles or dark circles around them but her iris was lighter and her pupils deeper. He wondered about the years that he had missed. Now these years are lost in the depth of her pupils.

She stared into his eyes too, not the same way that Mel looked into hers. Her gaze was one of curiosity. She thought in passing that his eyes still looked sad. The depths of his pupils were the only thing familiar about Mel.

(To be continued)