Obviously hidden

by alexisbay

He saw her entering through the glass doors but he kept the distance. He just wanted to look at LL without her knowing that he was doing so. Neither did the Mrs walking next to him, telling him that they should be buying some of the peaches on offer, especially since their season will be ending soon.

“Did you hear what I just said?” asked the Mrs as she selected the peaches with their inviting swirls of pink, red and amber, pressing them ever so slightly to make sure that they were ripe, not at all aware that they were all actually sour and rather tart. The Mrs was quite used him being distracted.

“Um”, he muttered. “Should we just get them from the farmer’s market this Sunday?” he added as he just wasn’t too sure about these peaches. The Mrs has already strolled off to pick up some eggs. LL too has turned the corner. He could see her going down the next aisle, walking in his direction. There was now an opportunity to approach.

LL looked the same as she did twenty years ago with the same beautiful and delicate features. Big, bright eyes with a small nose and pinkish red lips which turned amber when the weather turned colder. Her gaze was also the same, looking straight ahead, not at anything in particular, seemingly occupied.

“Hi, hey LL”, he said just as LL was tip-toeing to reach for a box of organic oats. “Can I help you with that?” he asked as he took the box off the shelf.

“Greg! Wow. Hey thanks! Wow. How long has it been? Twenty years? What are you doing here? Do you live here?”

“Yeah, I moved here about 3 months ago. Were you here last Friday about this time? I thought I saw you”. All he could think of was how beautiful LL looked right now. Up close, the lines around her eyes and mouth looked deeper than he remembered. The things around him seemed to fade away and something in his core was awakened. Something new yet familiar. A longing. “I saw your Facebook post about your daughter coming in first at the swim meet. You must be so proud.”

LL smiled and so did he. “She’s getting pretty good at the sport. Can’t believe she hated swimming when she started,” LL said. ” I actually was here on Friday. We ran out of milk. You should have said hi. It’s been so long. I don’t see you posting anything on Facebook”.

(to be continued)