Beginning of the grey

by alexisbay

It was a gory sight. Scarlett hands and her front were covered with blood and sweat. Before her was N’s lifeless body. It became lifeless just about five seconds ago. Before that it was writhing, gasping and struggling to grasp at straws.

Within the five seconds following N’s death, Scarlett caught her breath and let out a slow, measured air of relief through her nose. Scarlett struggled too, to end N’s life and to end the incessant voice in her head telling her to stop.

After she caught her breath, she actually marvelled at how there was two of her- her will to kill N and that voice pleading at her to stop even when it was too late. It was just too late from a long time ago. The moment she hated there was no turning back.

She should really be cleaning up the mess but all she could do was to think back about how it all started. And how it got here. She has to justify her killing. Right? Funny, that she is only thinking about it now.

But first things first, Scarlett needs to clean up the body and herself.

(To be continued)